We are a SME sector focused Digital Lending marketplace that connects businesses looking to borrow with Banks/ NBFCs who would want to lend to a suitable business. We do understand the painful and time consuming processes when it comes to business loans. With our technological edge & domain expertise we have been successfully able to automate/ digitise most of the lending processes which makes making an loan application convenient.


We do understand that traditional financial underwriting is most important as it judges “Ability to Pay”. Having said this, in today’s fast changing scenario “Intent to Pay” is equally important and to assess that various ‘Alternate Credit models’ have evolved off-late. ‘Mobile data underwriting’, ‘Digital footprints analytics’, ‘Deception detector’ and ‘Voice layering’ are a few Alternate Credit models which can be used. But none of these models can work in isolation. We feel ‘Traditional financial underwriting model’ and a couple of alternate scoring models should be enough to give correct credit decisioning. Our Proprietary risk assessment strategy and Credit Scorecards that are hosted on scientific data-driven methodology tries to do exactly this. Honest borrowers will find it really convenient to use our systems.

Online eKYC (PAN & Aadhar), digital verification of residence/ income/ business, real-time bank statement analysis and e-disbursement process. GoI’s Digilocker will make even smoother to complete the documentation.

Ongoing & almost real-time digital footprint collection/ analysis keeps tracking the borrower and gives early warning signals to both Bank/ NBFC and borrower. Basis signals Bank/ NBFC can get in touch with the stressed borrowers to ensure they remain financially disciplined. MudraCircle just not acquires a customer for the Bank/ NBFC but it keeps digitally tracking the borrower till the time last loan EMI is paid. Goal is to ensure low delinquencies.

We offer seamless integration with Banks/ NBFCs and they can create & send customized loan solutions for borrowers.

As per our organisation’s policy we don’t disclose our list of lenders. We feel that borrower’s unnecessarily need not get into the hassle of doing hit & trial with various Banks/ NBFCs. Our matchmaking algorithms automatically pushes the borrower cases to right Bank/ NBFC dashboards basis city, profile, requirement and lender product policy. Thereafter lenders themselves send offers to the borrowers and communicate seamlessly with the borrowers right from the dashboard itself.

Our disbursement process is completely digital too. Once Borrower and lender agrees on certain terms & conditions; disbursement process is initiated. PDF disbursement agreement gets generated which is already been eStamped/ eFranked (depending on the lender’s requirements) which is ready for eSigning with Aadhar based OTP method. After the agreement is signed, eNACH need to be signed using eSign method for repayment setup.