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To deliver fast & best-in-class customer experience in financial services by making Lending simple, convenient, faster and fair.

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At MudraCircle, we are open to partner with a broad range of Businesses, Corporates, Institutions, from Brokers to Advisors and Affiliates to Retailers and Banks to NBFCs. People whom we work with should share our goal of delivering fast & best-in-class customer experience in financial services by making money simple and fair.

Bank/ NBFC Partnerships

Leveraging each other strengths MudraCircle offers strategic partnerships to Banks/ NBFC in order to bring perfectly priced loans to SME customers. Partnering MudraCircle will allow you to lend basis our proprietary Credit model. MudraCircle just not acquires a customer for the Bank/ NBFC but it keeps digitally tracking the borrower till the time last loan EMI is paid. Whole analysis/ process is fully customised and automated.

Through a partnership with us you can:

  1. Get access to our proprietary credit model. We proposeto automate Bank/ NBFC's credit policy and risk guidelines and present customized credit solution in their own model.
  2. Regulatory compliance.
  3. Online eKYC (PAN & Aadhar)
  4. Digital verification of residence/ income/ business.
  5. Real-time bank statements analysis.
  6. Ongoing & almost real-time digital footprint collection/ analysis keeps tracking the borrower and gives early warning signals to both Bank/ NBFC and borrower. Basis signals Bank/ NBFC can get in touch with the stressed borrowers to ensure they remain financially disciplined.
  7. We offer online personal discussion facility.
  8. We have build processes, which can automate disbursement, agreement signing (Aadhar e-sign/ digital sign) and repayments.
  9. Offer seamless integrationfor Bank/ NBFC. Wehave designed individual dashboards for each Bank/ NBFC where they can create & send customized loan solutions to selected borrowers.
  10. We also propose to get your agreements e-signed or digitally signed.
  11. Deepen customer relationships with new product offerings, A partnership creates value by combining the complementary strengths of MudraCircle and your bank/ NBFC. MudraCircle's low operating expenses, combined with your low cost of capital and strong customer relationships, reduces the cost of credit for your customers. Bank/ NBFC partners can also maintain and build customer relationships by offering access to attractive loan products without costly infrastructure. Our proprietary technology automates key aspects of operations, including the borrower application process, credit decisioning and scoring, loan funding and servicing, regulatory compliance and fraud detection. We aspire to work with all small, medium and large banks/ NBFCs. Contact us for more information on how to get involved.

Partnerships with Sub brokers/ Associates/ Financial intermediaries

Our goal is to create national footprint which nobody has ever created in the past and to benefit SMEs with lending consultancy and help them grow. For the same we welcome like-minded consultants to join us from all parts of the country.

We have a referral program already ready for them in 2 categories:
1.Business Partner,

Vijay More from Prime-Capital helped his customer Borrow ₹ 9,00,000 Lakhs at competative rate.

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